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Level 3, 436 Johnston Street
Abbotsford Victoria 3067
Postal: PO Box 387 Abbotsford
Victoria 3067
Customer Service: 1300 780 074
Reception: +61 3 8413 8310
Fax: +61 8413 8312

The Casama Group is an Australian privately owned family company and is the parent company of a collection of highly successful, independent trading entities.

Established in 1963, Casama's activities are focused on fine wine, being underpinned by two of the most prestigious and well regarded fine wine distribution companies in Australia. We have offices throughout Australia and an alliance in New Zealand. Casama employs upwards of 160 staff Nationally.

Casama has been involved in the wine industry for over 30 years at every level, incorporating:

  • Grape growing
  • Wine production
  • Wine wholesale distribution
  • Warehousing & logistics
  • Wine exporting and importing
  • Retailing
  • Glassware production, importing and wholesale distribution


The group has been involved in some of Australia's foremost wine industry brands from inception including Shaw and Smith & Dog Point.

Casama has also been responsible for the creation and sales and marketing of some of Australia's most successful volume brands.

A central policy of the group is to provide a central service platform to completely separate, independent sales and marketing entities. Fine wine is the group's total focus. It views itself as important partners with it's wineries in building the value of their brands. It also views itself as a partner with its customers in driving value in their business.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

The Casama Group is an Australian Packaging Covenant Signatory. We recognise that our business has an effect on the environment and we have made commitments to sustainable development, environmental conservation and prevention of pollution. Casama views itself as an important partner with it's principals in building the value of their brands, and doing so with a commitment to longevity by reducing the companies' impact on the environment and improving sustainability practices wherever possible.